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Enhanced Mosquito Repellent & Antiseptic Wipes

More Convenient and Healthier, Offering 24 Hour Protection

Only 10% DEET

Our product contains only 10% DEET concentration. This is 1/3 of the DEET concentration contained in leading brands while giving 3x the results. This makes CleanOFF a much safer choice. Click the button above for more information about CleanOFF wipes.

Saving Lives

Our underlying mission is to save 200,00 lives per year from malaria and other insect-transmitted diseases. Click the button above for a video and more information about CleanOFF's mission.

More Convenient

Our product is the most convenient combination of insect repellent and antiseptic protection. The wipe application feels and smells like lotion on your skin and you don't get the feeling of heavy chemicals like other products.